Not Even Slightly Human

"I'm not who you think I am. Most who come 'round looking for the Doctor aren't very well pleased to find me. If you were looking for help or second chances, you can leave now.

That's the Master's place. Not mine.

Thun thun thun thun.
Can you hear them? The neverending drums.

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Carrying a baby is literally—by biological definition—a parasitic relationship.

Okay everyone, storytime!


I’m going to share my standing on abortion. If you want to just read the story, it’s below the line.

I have been pro-choice since the take on abortion became such a huge travesty in our nation. Now why is that? Well, all of the traditional examples hold true for me—I wouldn’t want have to birth a baby I conceived through rape, and neither should any woman. That’s worse than disgusting to force on a person. Also, currently, I am a teenager. And yes, I have protected sex. Now, if something were to happen: 1.) I am currently finishing my first year in University. I don’t have the time or money to support a child. Of course, adoption would always be an option for someone who can healthily and readily care for their fetus—I am not one of those people. At least not currently! I am 4’9” and getting no taller, with a weight that constantly stays between 80-90lbs. I shouldn’t have to convince anyone that this is not safe for a teen mother.

But don’t go off of that and make some horrid decision. I said I’d share a story, and so I am.


I have a twin sister, Erin. She actually has a blog around here. She and I were teensie-premie babies. My mother is not much taller than me, and maybe weighed twenty or so pounds more than I do now when she was first pregnant. Now, carrying twins already entails several medical risk—any amount of multiples does. These risks are to both the mother and the babies. My mother, tiny as she is, immediately started facing several problems. She was ill all day, every day, and could hardly move out of bed. She had her own job as a real estate agent at the time, and eventually she had to take leave. She became thin. Thin. Because she was so sick all the time. And do you know what happened? She was rushed to the ER multiple times, to the point where they decided she needed to stay there to be taken care of. While there, they took several blood tests, hundreds of finger pricks and loads of medicine. Several times a night nurses would come in to check my mother’s heart rate and to give her an ultrasound to check that we were still alive.

At one point this ordeal seemed to the doctor that it could only go one way, and that was in the result of my mother’s death. And you know what that doctor did? He asked my dad what he wanted to do. Not my mom, only because she was unable to give this answer. And you know what my dad said? Ask her mother. My grandmother, who has been a nurse all her life was entrusted to make the final decision to allow my mother to give birth to us at 20 weeks. This would have meant my sister and I would have fit in each hand, We would have been blind. The survival rate for a baby born 21 weeks or earlier currently is 0%. My grandmother, knowing this and knowing that doing it would save her daughter, chose instead for us to stay in the womb. She did this because she knew that my mother, if given the choice, would have rather died if we had died by being taken away. She would have rather died for my sister and I to live. 

Can you believe a love like that? And we’re all okay! 

My point is, my mother very well could have died, because her body was unfit to hold us and was killing the three of us. People tend to overlook these situations. I could very well not be here now. We could have all died. That is something people should think about. 


Eleven x Marilyn Complete

It’s finally finished omg.


A concept precious few people grasp

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Playing God || Bruce Almighty AU Drabble

White. It was all the Doctor could see—an incredible, blinding light. The silence around him was sharp enough the time lord felt that he might actually hear it.

"Hello?" His voice felt muffled itself, seeming only to travel just beyond his lips instead of into the seemingly vast and empty space around him. "Is anyone there? Is anyone doing this?" There came no reply. The thick blanket of silence around the Doctor seemed to swallow him from existence. There was no sight or sound or smell—nothing.

He spun around, hands reaching out blindly, searching for something—anything—and instead found himself slipping on the slick floors, his hands flashing out in time for the alien to avoid a face-first fall. 

Argh!” The sound was one of frustration, the Doctor’s newfound short temper immediately wearing thin. Why was he here? Where was here? He had only just been in the TARDIS, enjoying the privacy of the library and reading to the TARDIS—the only companion he wanted or needed anymore. No universes to save, no "friends" in danger. Not anymore.

Pushing himself up, the Doctor tugged at his lapels sharply as he straightened, glaring out into the white. 

"I hope you know who you’re dealing with!" he shouted, though the words sounded like a mere whisper in his own ears. "I am the Doctor!! Do you know what that means? The monsters of the depths of the universe flee at the sound of my name! And if you need help, you might want to send me back now, mate, 'cos you've got the wrong man!” 

"That’s a real shame."

The Doctor’s hearts stopped, the voice registering in a deep memory and knowledge of all in existence—though perhaps not as well as the person he now turned cautiously to face.

No,” he breathes. “Oh no, you can’t be. You’re not—I mean there isn’t—”

The man (woman?) before him was draped in a white as brilliant as the space around them and continued to hold up a hand. The Doctor fell completely silent, just as the room around them.

"I know the way you perceive things to be, my Child." The voice was fluid, the tone lilting here an there in both softer and lower tones—a magnificent blend of every voice the Doctor could ever remember hearing, in any language he might ever have known. The person smiled, and even in that smile he could catch the flicker of thousands upon millions of features rippling across it’s face. 

The Doctor’s brow furrowed, his gaze now scrutinizing, searching. “They way I perceive them?” he asks, incredulous. “The way they are. You can’t be here because you aren’t real. I learned that long ago and I’ve believed it ever since, and you’ve certainly done nothing to prove otherwise!” the Doctor snaps. The being before him didn’t seem phased, a calm expression resting on it’s face, eyes wide and focused.

"Is that the way you believe things to be?" it asked quietly, the gaze still unblinking. 

The Timelord’s eyes narrowed further, his frustration beginning to gnaw at him. He didn’t have the patience for such tedious encounters anymore. “Why do you keep saying that, it’s a fact. You’re not here and neither am I and this is all some cause of more spores caught in the TARDIS—I knew I shouldn’t have—”

"You are here, Timelord,” the being interrupts, face still as calm as ever, eyes never wavering from his own. “As am I, as will every living thing be at some point or another. All the creatures you’ve faced and every companion you’ve had. Susan, Ian, Barbara, Leela, Ace, Adric, Brigadier Lethbridge, Grace, Rose, Jack, Mickey, Amy, Rory—” 

"STOP! Just, stop it!" The Doctor takes a deep breath, attempting to contain both his anger and pain at the list—and this being hadn’t even named half of them, but he hadn’t dared to let it finish. He takes a step closer, his lips twisting slightly with the snarl in his voice. "You don’t get to speak their names. If you are who you say the none of them would be lost. If you were real you wouldn’t have taken them away! YOU WOULDN’T HAVE LEFT ME ALONE!” 

At these last words, the Doctor’s hands had flashed out, pulling the being sharply to him, his voice finally pounding in his own ears. “YOU ARE NOTHING TO ME, DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT? What proof is there of a merciful and kind ruler of the universe?” he spits sarcastically. "The only thing this universe ever had was me. Where were you? Where were you?!” The Doctor’s breathing was heavy, his fingers still curled around a fabric he could not name that felt like empty space.

"Bad Wolf." The Doctor blinked, his hearts stuttering in his chest at the words before quickly regaining his composure, but once he had refocused, it was nearly lost once more. The being’s face had shifted in to one that he could never forget, blonde hair flowing over her shoulders in deep waves. 

"What sort of trick is this?" he whispers, blinking as if it might clear away the vision.

"No trick," the voice purrs coyly. “You asked where I was. This is just one example. Two words scattered along your timeline, leading you along? Or maybe you’ll remember this one-” The face changed again, and the Doctor let go immediately, stumbling backwards slightly.

"St-stop that. Please," he manages, the girl in front of him beckoning all he had turned away from.

"Stop what?" He could still here the soft accent she held, the girl’s small mouth tilting up on one side, that funny nose scrunching just slightly. 

"You don’t seem to appreciate all that I’ve done for you, Doctor," she said. "I gave you life. All of your lives, even. Every journey and adventure. Every friend and lesson…love.” 

The Doctor jumped back, the voice now at his ear. Had she walked around him? 

"No," he stated, his voice weaker than he’d intended. "No. You took them away from me, you took-“

"Took what, Doctor?" she asked, her expression still teasing for just a moment longer. She stepped up to him, the smile falling away to one of severe calm. “Your friends? Is that all you will remember of me? Everyone has their time, Doctor, and everything ends. Even you. A lot sooner rather than later you’ll be appreciating that. For now, I’ll tell you this.” The girl leaned in, and the Doctor could feel her soft hands wrap around his neck, his pulse jumping as she brushed her lips against his ear in a whisper. "You shouldn’t have stepped away, Doctor. You’ve lost your path. Now you must learn what I have done for you and for so many others." He felt her pull away, and the girl stood before him, a smile on her face once more as she took a step from him. “Y’know, I think it might be time I took a break. After all, you’re the one the universe has had all this time, aren’t you, Timelord?” She grinned and turned away, walking back into the the light. "I’m sure you’ll be just fine!" she called over her shoulder.

"Where are you going?" he called, attempting to follow her, hoping to feel her once more. "What do you mean take a break? You can’t leave! Clara!”

But she had already been lost in the light once more.



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Everyone needed a nice vacation from stress, just to let themselves unwind and take a breath from day to day life. Not many could say that they were able to take such vacations for very long, River included. Unfortunately, this was not one of those days. A vacation for River meant running, guns…

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