”I’m not who you think I am. If you were looking for help or second chances, you can leave now."

"That’s the Master’s place. Not mine."

Thun thun thun thun.
"Can you hear them? The neverending drums."

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I need to convince my friend that it’s okay for girls to play male characters on RP. Reblog if you agree!

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I want to say I don’t have drafts, but I do. However, only two are plot/thread drafts (sorry idrxs and thenobleallie !), while two others are memes. I feel I did a fair amount of replies over the weekend, but it seems with the beginning of the school year plenty of you are getting busy. This a PSA from me to tell you not to worry with your replies if it infringes on your schoolwork/studying/relaxation time. I’ve been there, and I will be there. I love you all and am willing to wait forever for your answers. <3 Don’t fret!

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acertainfemininemystique whispered:   
  Hrk, i don't wanna lose followers for this, but I gotta say I'm with you. I mean, I don't support the burn book, but I think the actual criticism blogs can be a good thing if they're monitored. It's good to give actual critique


And  that’s  exactly  what  roleplayerscritics
are   doing.   They  monitor   all   messages
before posting them to keep them hate free.

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this is a quiet and unpopular promotion of this roleplayer “critique” blog. 

If you read their rules carefully I think you’ll understand why I’m promoting them, but whatever the case, they’re really helpful when it comes to writing advice! Consider it like constantly having someone on-call to help you improve if you need it. They ONLY accept URLs from the people that own those urls, so obviously it won’t have an opportunity to turn into something like a burnbook, and the offer genuinely helpful writing advice after talking it over with each other! Hate is strictly forbidden.

I really hope you lot’ll end up following, but that’s up to you, of course. 

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mynamesdrstuff whispered:   
  In your opinion, what makes a good villain?


  1. The ability to actually do evil deeds.  None of this ‘oh, he’s evil’ ‘why’ ‘because of all his evilness!’ stuff.  Actual, concrete, bad deeds.
  2. Some frakin responsibility.  If her evil deeds are more easily ascribed to a large government, you don’t have a villain, you have a figurehead.
  3. Put a personal spin on things.  Appeal to the pain and fears of your readers.  If all he does is kill masses of faceless people who all live…over somewhere off-page, who cares?  I know that sounds callus, but it’s true.  Their evil needs to be an immediate presence, not a checklist.  They can still murder masses, that’s fine, but put something personal into the act.  Kick the hero’s puppy along the way, raze her hometown to the ground, cancel Quidditch, something.  The most memorable villains in literature are those that committed some small, personal, targeted act of aggression.  The ones that just sit around ‘being evil’ are a dime a dozen.
  4. If you want to have a ‘big’ bad, consider letting her be bland (I mean, c’mon, dictators exist) and leave her in the background.  That’s fine.  Bring in the plucky evil lieutenant who just started last week and has an evil-boner for destroying the heroes and proving herself.  The main antagonist of the story is the person directly opposing your protagonist, not necessarily the most evil baddie in the room.

Literally everything else is just being a good character.  Everything that goes into making a good protagonist will go into making a good antagonist.  But the ‘evil’ part of ‘evildoer’ needs to be…you know, evil.

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That did not sound good.

"Tests?  What kind of tests?"

Inadvertently, she Allie took
a step back, putting more
space between herself and
her captor.  Whatever it was
he was talking about, it did
not sound good

"You don’t need to do
a n y t h i n g.  Just
leave me be.”


"Nevermind what sort of tests,"
he growls, fingers wrapping around the
girl’s wrist. The force with which
the Doctor pulls her causes
an audible snap! from her hand.
His smile is toxic as Alice
is pressed against him, her
human frame small and weak compared
to his own, towering of her.
Oh, how he loved to feel
her squirm. To know the
f e a r  he sparked within.

                   ”Ohh, my dear…I need to do
                                                 e v e r y t h i n g. 

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Clara Oswald + s7[59/60]

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