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"I'm not who you think I am. Most who come 'round looking for the Doctor aren't very well pleased to find me. If you were looking for help or second chances, you can leave now.

That's the Master's place. Not mine.

Thun thun thun thun.
Can you hear them? The neverending drums.

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Mun is gorg

slourohwekgrjhs Thank you sweet Anon <3


I got all prettied up the other day (more like last weekend) ~


"Box Full of Stars" - Tennant’s my favourite of the new Doctors. I actually painted this one before Bad Wolf, and of the two, this one was much harder! I must have repainted Ten’s face half a dozen times. I guess it’s been good practise though!

Also, thanks so much for reblogging my last Doctor Who painting! My sister’s a huge fan of Eccleston and was really happy to see so much love for the 9th and his companions!

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Did you always know it would never work? Saving both Amys?

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Neverdonesavingyou’s follow forever:

 So here's the deal all you wonderful cupcakes. It seems I've gotten by too long without appreciating all the great people I've met here, and all the fantastic people I have had the privilege to write with. You're all amazing. And if I've forgotten someone don't hesitate to let me know. I'm literally making this up as I go along.

theburntsouffle/ awarriorandhisbox: Oh Caitlin, Caitlin, Caitlin. You little shit. I love you so much my baby and we’ll be together till your internet the stars go out. I don’t know what I would do without you, and whenever I’m down you know just how to put that shit to rest and make me happy again. You’re amazing and deserve so much more than me, yet for some reason you stick around. I think it’s Loverboy.

blueboxesandparadoxes / deathascompanion: Lo. My bro who’s in the Netherlands and is literally one of the sweetest people I have ever known. I am genuinely glad to have met you and started talking to you. If I hadn’t I don’t know how I’d still be here. You’re hilarious, even if you make ridiculous caterpillar jokes, and I consider you my tumblr family. I love you a lot, bro. Be carefolo.

 chinsandcustard / reddressbraveheart: Brenda, my love. You’re another member of my tumblr family, and I love you bunches. You’re so sweet and precious, and I can practically hear you squeaking as you read this because that is how adorable you are. And yet, despite being so wonderfully cute, you write some of the darkest things I have ever been a part of. You’re a great person, and a fantastic writer. Forever like the stars.

madman-in-a-blue-box/ victoriansass: Clare. My seriously talented wifey who’s not only gorgeous and lead me around London with her Whovian wisdom, but still manages to be an excellent writer, and juggle life at the same time. She’s been here since the very beginning, and I definitely would not have come this far without her.

 thehackerwhocan / cameintothisworldonaleaf: My Anna, my twin, and my snowman buddy. I love you a lot Britt. We have so much in common that we practically finish each other’s sentences. The Impossible Harem queen that I bow to eternally, and the quality awesome angst that we love to plan. Love you babe.

bossycontrolfreak: Alex my dear, I’ve known you from the very beginning as well, and you deserve so much more than you are given. You’ve been through some tough patches and you write your character beautifully still. You go girl <3


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I need to sleep. 1am here and I have a test tomorrow. I’ve started to notice my typos, which definitely means it’s that time. Night all <3

Also I’m unfollowing a lot of blogs, sorry guys :/ I’ve got way too much clutter on my dash! Doesn’t mean I won’t keep reading! I know who you are and chances are I’ll still see interactions!

So guys,

seriously, plotting anyone? I’ll be slow, but not as slow as, well, not being on. I’ve got a job  now every afternoon immediately after classes during the week and I have two tests and two quizzes this week, but I feel like getting back to writing, at least in some fore. And I love this Doctor so much. What do some of you say to an intense (slowly) developing story-arch? Or maybe I should write it all myself and make it an interactive fanfiction what-should-happen-next type thing (or what do you WANT to happen that I could throw in?) Oooh those ideas sound funnn. let me know.

Smokey Tardis

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